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The 3rd Annual Master Makeup Charity Event

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video by the incredible https://www.instagram.com/aldairfilms/


 It is time for me to FINALLY share my secret project that I have been working on for the last year... 


My 3rd Annual Master Makeup Charity Event

Franchesco's Ristorante

December 27th 2019 5:30pm


The ULTIMATE just because gift to yourself or your loved one, THE only birthday gift needed, and the PERFECT Christmas gift! Who doesn't want to see their own personalized Annētta Michelle Masterclass box under the tree with THEIR NAME ON IT?!


"But you've done master classes before, Annētta?!"....not. like. this. I have taken all of my favorite things from the past 2 classes and multiplied it by 1,000!


This event is unlike ANYTHING I have ever done or even seen done for that matter. This event is so much more than just learning how to apply makeup the Annētta Michelle way. It is a night full of empowerment, motivation, inspiration, confidence building, education, beauty, relaxation, indulging and FUN!

For more details on this amazing night to come and to get your ticket, please follow the link below. 


The 2nd Annual Master Makeup Charity Event

Presented by 


Thank you to everyone who made this possible. Thank you to everyone who attended, all of my sponsors, vendors, Morphe Brushes, Franchesco's Ristorante, Kylie Lewis and to my family and friends for your constant support.

Watching this video is surreal. I am so proud of myself and all that I continue to accomplish.

I'm unstoppable.

Thank you for making my dreams come true.