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Specializing in the highest form of bridal couture, class, care + luxury.

At Haute Bridal Official your needs and wants are our top priority. No matter your size, shape or skin tone, your dream gown is waiting at Haute Bridal and we cannot wait to serve you.

We are so incredibly proud to be the ONE AND ONLY Wisconsin and Illinois Naama and Anat Bridal retailer.






Mother and daughter design team, Naama and Anat ,

have made their mark in the intricate and creative world of wedding dress design.

Their studio was established in 1997 and they are trained in the most sophisticated

techniques to create flattering silhouettes for the modern bride.

Each design is hand crafted and attention to detail is not spearred.

Naama & Anat use luxurious fabrics and embroideries,

Including French Lace, Silk, glittering rich fabrics and silk Chiffon.

Their top selling collections are their Vintage collections, which is inspired

by the 1930’s.


The advantages in carrying a Naama & Anat design:

  • Quality construction using time honored techniques passed down through generations of gown construction.

  • Proprietary Construction techniques allow us to construct gowns that not only look beautiful but fit and move with your bride.

  • We do not use glue!

  • Quality Materials.

  • Custom Designer lace.

  • All dresses are designed & made to measure.

  • Inclusive Line of Illusions all skin tones are available .

  • Video Conferencing with your bride can be arranged.

  • Video Confirmation – Review the gown with us before it’s shipped

  • We share work in progress photos with you & your bride

  • Contact us anytime!

  • We are available around the clock.


We are so honored, proud + excited to bring our luxury, haute couture experience to the Stateline area. We look forward to being a part of so many special moments and cannot wait to say YES TO THE DRESS WITH YOU!
Annetta & nAAMA
Your Haute Bridal Official Team


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