"CLEAN FREAK" Hand Sanitizer

Now until June it's - Buy one, GIVE one! ($8 per bottle)


We are all feeling the effects of COVID-19, TOGETHER. In such a time of uncertainty and fear, so much loss and heartbreak, we have also seen so much beauty and love. Communities have rallied together like never before, families are closer than ever, businesses are being shown endless love and support...but none of this would be possible without out those working the frontlines risking their own health and safety so selflessly. 


I'm honored to share with you, "CLEAN FREAK" Hand Sanitizer from "THE COLLECTION" By Annētta Michelle. Created in honor of those working the frontlines, first responders, essential workers, and those who are social distancing to prevent the spread. We are ALL in this together, we all have an important role in putting an end to this. 


"CLEAN FREAK" Hand Sanitizer is more than your average hand sanitizer. A light, sprayable, non-drying alcohol-based hand sanitizer with purifying and hydrating properties for when soap and water are not available. This hand sanitizer has been specially formulated in accordance with the CDC and WHO guidelines and incorporates isopropyl alcohol (anhydrous) at a concentration of 70% as the key active ingredient. Packaged in high quality GLASS spray bottles, is sulfate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. Formulated for ease of use and powerful sanitizing while taking into consideration the hand’s delicate skin condition. Glycerin acts as a powerful humectant that will replenish dry skin with natural hydration while protecting the moisture barrier of the skin.


Simply spray on and rub into hands until absorbed. Experience the liquid to lotion formula that moisturizes, protects, sanitizes and disinfects. Hands are protected left with a light lingering essence of coconut. 




70% Alcohol

Kills 99.9% germs


For every sanitizer purchased one will be donated to a local essential businesses working the frontlines. My goal is with your help I will be able to hand deliver boxes of sanitizers to these selfless individuals. From our local law enforcement officers, our nursing homes, homeless shelters, non profit organizations, nurses, etc...together we can give back while doing our part to stay clean and prevent the spread.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support.


Special thank you to my husband and oldest son Jayden for your help desgining the matte black and gunmetal packaging and name. I couldn't do this without you. I love you.


"CLEAN FREAK" Hand Sanitizer by "THE COLLECTION" Cosmetics is a limited edition product only available at annnettamichelle.com. Manufactured in accordance with the CDC in the USA for Annētta Michelle, LLC. Rockford, IL 61114.

"CLEAN FREAK" Hand Sanitizer



    NET WT. 1PL. OZ./30ML