The MINI Master Class
Can someone please pick my jaw up off of the floor?! We are finally able to have somewhat of a master class!? (COVID approved of course!) YAY! Grab your besties and let's GLAM!!
Whether you are a beauty pro or have never worn makeup in your life, this class is for you! We will be going over everything from the base of the makeup to the finishing spray of the makeup and everything in between. We will also learn how to properly apply false lashes with ease! Because this class will be so intimate I will be able to answer questions and be extremely thorough with my instruction on my model. This master class is going to be one of the most in-depth classes I have ever instructed, there will also be multiple assistant makeup artists walking around the room to help as needed! You are going to learn my five years of hands-on experience as well as my education in makeup artistry and aesthetics all in just two short hours!
But wait there's more...hehe...Not only will there be surprises...but also snacks, drinks, and incredible, exclusive goodie bags just for my mini master class guests will also be provided!....oh, and of COURSE, a selfie station!
It's an honor to be able to spend the day with you all doing what I love. I truly believe that we are given our gifts by God to be able to share them with the world. I am continuing to invest in myself and my knowledge in makeup artistry and techniques every single day. From now until April 18 I will be pouring into this event. It is always my goal to provide an extremely thorough and educational experience but also an amazing, fun, BEAUTIFUL time, and I know we will do just that! Thank you so much for investing in your self with me and I look forward to seeing you at hotel Goodwin Rooftop on April 18 at 11am, gorgeous! Ps- it's first come first serve seating so don't hesitate to come a bit early and snag your seats!  There will be projection screens so every seat is a good seat!
Please remember to bring your mask as we will be complying with the CDC guidelines. We will be keeping the class small and intimate with only 30 guests so that we can all safely social distance! Deadline for ticket sales ends March 24th, tickets will sell out fast! Can't wait to see you all there! 
What to bring!

It is important for you to bring your own makeup for not only sanitary reasons but because each and every one of us has our own unique and beautiful skin tone and texture, makeup is not a one size fits all! Below I am going to list recommendations on products to bring! For dry skin search for products that have the words - dewy, luminous, and hydrating. For oily skin search for products with the words - matte, oil free, oil control etc! It may not seem like you need all of this, and you don't! BUT I want to show you how to achieve your dream makeup looks for every day AND special event! You won't regret the investment...

translucent setting powder
eye shadow
eye liner
false lashes
lash glue
brow products
lip pr
setting spray
I understand this may seem like a LOT TO TAKE IN. Don't let it overwhelm you! You can get all of this for a very affordable price! Drugstore products have come so far and there are so many excellent options right in our own grocery stores! You do not have to spend a ton of money to achieve a beautiful makeup look! I highly recommend going to Ulta beauty and having one of their beauty specialist help you! You can literally show them this list and they can tell exactly what they recommend you from your skin type/tone! They have high-end products as well as affordable drugstore products all in the store! You can also get a lot of this in palette forms! For example your bronzer blush highlighter and contour powders can all be in one palette saving you a ton of space and money in your bank account! ( like my flawless face palette for example ) You can also find a lot of these products here on my website as well! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns! Believe me, you will be so happy you have these staples in your makeup collection at home and I will show you exactly how to use them! You got this, babe! See you then!


The MINI Master Class